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ABIF – delivering quality artistic services

ABIF supports artistic communities

The Queensland Arts Business Innovation Fund (ABIF) in conjunction with the Tim Fairfax Family Foundation, has been running for the last three years. 16 groups so far have been supported by the program to engage audiences and give artists opportunities to present their works and generate social and economic benefits to communities through skills development, employment and tourism.

ABIF is an interest-free commercial funding opportunity to assist arts industry professionals build their practice to deliver vibrant and engaging works for Queensland. Queensland is a rich and diverse mix of artistic talent and it is great to assist local artistic ventures using their background and experiences to inspire their work

Queensland arts offering is as broad as ever with a vast range of performances and events ranging from the experimental to the conventional, and the thought-provoking to the gleefully clever.

Curatorially, ABIF provides a fresh approach enabling commercial funding opportunities to deliver a diversity of styles, philosophies of sculpture and artistic mediums.