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Affordable fun interesting used cars for under $4000?

Affordable, fun and interesting used cars for under $4,000 are available to deliver on a range of fronts to help you get from A to B and C with a minimum of fuss this summer!

Affordable fun carsThere’s much to consider when choosing a fun but still great safe reliable used car for under $4000.

One of the most memorable events comes as the order form is signed and the keys are handed over! Before that happens thou, it is a good idea to have your community loan approved before you go shopping. When shopping lets look at some important things.

The car has to be cool. That’s a subjective thing certainly, but just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so is coolness. Beneath the cool factor it still should be at a good solid car.

Having a good solid car means keeping up easily with modern traffic and able to spurn the advances of large trucks and overly inquisitive SUVs.

The Foresters loan team loves approving car loans!

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To give you an idea, here are some of the popular models bought with a Foresters Community Loan:

Mazda 3 (2004-6)

Power steering, sedan and 5 door hatchback with a thrify 2.0 litre engine and dual airbags and anti-lock brakes.

Subaru Foresters (1999-2003)

Tall and narrow bundled with all-wheel drive. A roomy cabin, power windows and air conditioning!

Toyota Camry Altise (2004-2006)

The medium sized car. This one sneaks right under the noses of the Falcons and Commodores. It has a massive boot and great internal size to fit everyone.

Hyundai Getz (2006-2008)

Compact, cheerful and you can get an powerful 1.6 litre engine with auto. Air conditioning, dual airbags and antil-lock brakes what is not to love about this affordable runabout.

Falcon BA Wagon (2003-2005)

Roomy, fold down back seats and strong 4.0 litre engine. Loads of room for the holiday luggage and school sports gear.

Nissan Pathfinder WXII (1999-2003)

A 4wd as well fits the criteria!  The petrol engined 3.3 litre offers automatic transmission and some models have lots of other goodies as well.

Toyota Hilux (1998-2003)

Travelling over muddy and rutted unsealed roads? Need a affordable ute? Some have alloy trays and for the canny shopper even  a dual-cab can be available.

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