Community Loans

Community Loans especially for you

If you’re looking for a loan but can’t access finance from a bank or mainstream lender, we could have a personal loan that’s suitable for you.

NILS no fee no interest loan



Community Loans

Personal Loan


Cash LoansCash Loan


NILS loans up to $1,500 and 12 months, with no interest or setup fees.

Personal loans up to $4,000 and 24 months, interest and setup fee applies.

FreshPath cash loans up to $4,000 and 12 months with no interest, monthly and a setup fees apply.

When you apply for a Foresters Community Loan, we’ll do four things:

  • Make sure you have the right product for your needs
  • Help you understand your loan and your financial situation
  • Ensure you receive a loan you can realistically repay
  • Try to find someone else who can help, if we think our products aren’t right for you.

Foresters Community Finance is an ethical not-for-profit lender.

Our loans are assessed by our committee based on your individual circumstances. We strive to assess and advise you of the decision on your application quickly, once we receive all documentation that we ask you to provide. Approval is based on your willingness and ability, to repay the loan.

You can repay weekly or fortnightly, and make additional payments at any time without penalty fees.

We believe in lending responsibly to help people regain financial independence, and treating all customers with respect and dignity.