Enterprise Loans

Enterprise Loans

When you apply for an Enterprise Loan, we’ll assess your application based on your individual circumstances and provide you with a quick answer – normally within 48 hours. Approval is based on your ability and willingness to repay the loan.

You can repay your Enterprise Loan fortnightly, and make additional payments at any time without incurring penalty fees.

There is a single loan establishment fee, which can be capitalised into the loan balance. There are no hidden monthly costs or early exit fees.

We believe in lending responsibly to help small businesses grow and become financially successful, thus benefiting the whole community.

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Apply For A QuickstART Loan

Quickstart is a Micro-loan scheme for individual artists and small-scale cultural enterprises. QuicksART loans are the first step in the ladder of loan financing for the cultural sector and individuals and enterprises are encouraged to consider these loans within a mixed income portfolio of grants, donations, sponsorship and earned income.

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