Document Checklist

Different loans require different documents depending on your income source. 

The essentials (required to be uploaded with your application)

If you are receiving Centrelink benefits:

  • Your current Health Care or Pension Care Card,
  • Drivers Licence/Proof of Age Card
  • Current (time of applying) Statement of income from Centrelink. (This is obtained by contacting Centrelink and having your statement posted or emailed to you).

If you are wages only:

  • Drivers Licence/Proof of Age Card
  • Your last three payslips from any work.

Finally for everyone (Centrelink and Wages only)

  • the last (time of applying) 90 days bank account transactions or we will send you a link to retrieve them (preferred, this is fast, safe and easy!)
  • your rental/lease agreement, or
  • a signed, dated and verifiable (includes a phone number) letter from the primary lease holder of your shared place of residence which states that;
    • you are sharing,
    • how much you pay,
    • when did you start,
    • how much is your bond? Or
  • 3 months statement of your rental payments (from your rent provider), or
  • 3 months mortgage statements.
  • most recent Electricity or Gas account
  • most recent Telephone/Mobile phone account
  • statements of any other loans or agreements that you still owe (e.g credit cards, reverse lay-buys, private loans, payday loans, rent to buy arrangements)

Quotes for your purchase

You can have two or more things for your loan!

Please have quotes from the purchaser (that you are intending to buy from) ready-to-go with your application!