Document Checklist

Different loans require different documents depending on your income source

The essentials (required to be uploaded with your application)

1. If you are receiving Centrelink benefits:

  • Your current Health Care or Pension Care Card,
  • Drivers Licence/Proof of Age Card
  • Current (time of applying) Statement of income from Centrelink. (This is obtained by contacting Centrelink and having your statement posted or emailed to you).

2. If you are wages only:

  • Drivers Licence/Proof of Age Card
  • Your last three payslips from any work.

3. Also for everyone (Centrelink and Wages)

  • Statements of any other loans or agreements that you still owe (e.g credit cards, reverse lay-buys, private loans, payday loans, rent to buy arrangements)
  • Proof of your address. This can be achieved by:
    • a copy of your rental/lease agreement (preferred), or
    • a signed, dated and verifiable (includes a phone number) letter from the primary lease holder of your shared place of residence which states that;
      • you are sharing,
      • how much you pay and owe (if any),
      • when did you start,
      • how much is your bond? Or
    • 3 months mortgage statements, and
      • most recent Electricity or Gas account.
      • most recent Telephone/Mobile phone account.

4. Quotes for your purchase

Please have quotes from the purchaser (that you are intending to buy from) ready-to-go with your application!

 5. Bank Statements

We will send you a link to retrieve them (preferred, this is fast, safe and easy!) Or, upload the last (time of applying) 90 days bank account transactions.