Using FORESTERS LIVING BUDGET in your WEALTH journey | Foresters Community Finance


Foresters living budget is located within their loan application form.

This information enables Foresters to help provide loans to all Australians including the financially excluded. Everyone wants a comfortable life with enough money for lifestyle choices and be able to help their kids.

Sound familiar? A lot of people think a loan is out of reach and they feel that they cannot lend a hand to others who need it. When you borrow from Foresters, (which is a not-for-profit, ethical lender) you not only receive a loan but your repayments in-turn provide the money for someone else who needs a hand, get a loan!

By being not-for-profit, Foresters is able to keep costs as low as possible and that helps everyone.

It is amazing the difference that doing your banking properly can make to your bottom line. When you complete the Foresters living budget, you will see how to find leakage and wastage in those daily money habits. And how easy it is to create a easy plan with the Foresters Living Budget, to achieve your goals of obtaining a loan and repaying it.

Obtaining a loan and repaying it can happen much sooner and with a lot less stress than you can imagine. Let me explain….

Foresters Community Loans calculate interest (loans under twelve months are interest-free) on the loan balance. That means when you make extra repayments, you reduce the interest that you pay! This is much better than paying a fixed rate for the life of your loan!

Doing your banking differently

Early on at school, we were taught how to bank into savings accounts, accumulate interest and go without to save for the future. A diet for our money!

Before we know it, unexpected bills arrive, work becomes random, prices go up and we have less to spend and save.

What you can do about it

Before you jump to the word “budget”, let’s look at a better word “clever”!

Clever - quick to understand, learn, and devise or apply ideas; intelligent.

When you look at your spending and input the numbers into the Foresters Living Budget you will also see your areas of waste (let’s face it, we all have them!!)

  • Subscriptions. How many do you have? Are some of them not really looked at anymore and you are too busy or have forgotten to cancel?
  • Clutter. How much is stuff that you don’t need. Garage sale anyone?
  • Online shopping. Are lots of bargains sitting in drawers and cupboards?
  • Clothing. We all look at our bulging wardrobes and ‘don’t have a thing to wear!’. How many things are in there that were bargains that you bought this year, but rarely wear?
  • Fast Food. Comfort eating, lack of time and disorganisation. We all get busy and tired; a little bit of planning can mean that their are meals and snacks in the fridge/freezer for those days.
  • Buying lunch and coffees. Again, a little bit of willpower can mean you can save thousands of dollars a year.
  • Wasting food. A biggie! Buying groceries and then throwing them out. It happens. How heavy is your wheelie bin whey you push it to the footpath?

Foresters living budget

Once you have everything sorted, you will be putting money into your bank account instead of worrying about overdraft fees.

By finding and improving your spending. Your everyday expenses go down. Meaning you have more money to spend on the important things.

The funny thing is, getting a community loan and repaying it so that Foresters can recycle the money to someone else, all of this starts with learning where your money is spent and the clever things that you can do to stop any leakage or wastage from your life.

Its so easy to get on the mouse wheel of life and find that you are spinning it so fast but getting nowhere.

Remember Einstein’s famous words: the definition of insanity – “keep doing the same thing and expect a different outcome”