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Guildhouse Project – Stephen Bellosguardo

Guildhouse awards 20th interest-free ‘if’ loan, enabling emerging South Australian artist Steve Bellosguardo to undertake Adelaide-based public art commission.

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Stephen Bellosguardo is an emerging Adelaide based artist who is drawn to creating large, site-specific installations.

Bellosguardo featured in the Palmer Sculpture Biennial in South Australia’s Mount Lofty Ranges, some 70 kilometres east of Adelaide in late 2016, and recently graduated from the University of South Australia.  He has recently been selected for a public art initiative of the City of Adelaide that provides opportunities for established and emerging South Australian artists to showcase their sculptural artwork within a highly-visible public space. The artwork will be exhibited over a one year period with a hire fee being paid to the artist.


What will the if  (interest-free) loan do for Bellosguardo?

Following on from his success at the Brighton Jetty Classic Sculpture Festival and the Palmer Sculpture Biennial, Bellosguardo was offered an opportunity to create a sculpture for the Adelaide CBD, courtesy of Adelaide City Council’s Sculpture program.  Whilst Bellosguardo was successful in securing funding to mount the work, with a month-long trip to New York City planned for June, he did not have access to funds necessary for the material, machinery and installation costs.  Bellosguardo, as a  member of Guildhouse, was able to secure an if loan in a matter of days, allowing him to commit to the commission and continue his long-awaited research trip in NYC.


Why did Guildhouse develop the if  Loan program? 

The Guildhouse Interest-Free Loan Service if  has delivered twenty loans valued at over $75,000 in the eighteen months since its launch, with $40,000 already repaid and ready to be lent out again. Loans of up to $5,000 support a creative outcome and are available to Guildhouse members working in any art form and at all career stages. The initiative’s popularity has grown rapidly in recent months funding the purchase of important equipment, tools, travel and materials.  Other recipients include high profile artist and illustrator Lisa King, shoe designer Beccy Bromilow and ceramicist Gus Clutterbuck.  In all cases, the if  loan provided a transformative opportunity for the artist’s practice.  The If  Loan fund was initially created with funding from Creative Partnerships Australia, the James and Diana Ramsay Foundation, members of the Guildhouse community and is backed by Foresters Finance.

As the twentieth successful if loan applicant Steven’s public art project encapsulates Guildhouse’s  goal to provide funds for artists to take up entrepreneurial opportunities. The immediacy and quick response has allowed Stephen to “make something that would not otherwise be possible in the time frame,” says Bellosguardo.


Who is Guildhouse?

Guildhouse is a member based organisation committed to supporting South Australian artists to build enduring, sustainable practices.

Guildhouse initiates opportunities, collaborates with creative institutions, businesses and the broader community to promote contemporary visual artists, craftspeople and designers. Through our innovative projects, professional development programs and events, Guildhouse is dedicated to supporting and promoting contemporary practice and cultural life for both makers and their audiences.

Guildhouse is supported by the Government of South Australia through Arts South Australia and the Visual Arts and Crafts Strategy, an initiative of the Australia, Sate and Territory Governments.

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