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Break free from Financial Stress

Financial stress is very difficult to manage as it just wants to make you want to bury your head in the sand and hope it may go away.

For some of us, its getting harder and harder to make ends meet.  Financial stress is common and can impact relationships and your health. Foresters Community Finance (Foresters) is an ethical not-for-profit lender that may be able to help you money-proof that emergency expense. Perhaps your financial situation or personal circumstances have changed. This may be because of an unexpected event or unforseen changes outside your control. For example, maybe:

  • An unexpected bill has come up, like a large plumbing or car need?
  • Your hours at work have been reduced, or you’ve lost your job altogether?
  • You or someone in your family is sick and you need to pay unexpected medical bills?
  • You’re going through a relationship breakdown?
  • You’re going to move soon?

Like any other issues in life, financial stress only gets worse if left or ignored, so the sooner you take action the more options you have and a better chance of putting in place a workable long-term solution. In very simple terms you need to ask: “Has something changed recently in my finances?”

If the answer is NO: Then the stress is constant and means you are consistently overcommitted. You must either increase your income or reduce your expenses. Something has to change in your circumstances. You need to do a comprehensive budget to understand where you can cut back to reduce your stress. If your budget shows no slack then you must change something major in your life such as find some form of extra work or lower cost or share accommodation.

If the answer is Yes: Then again a comprehensive budget will show you where  any savings can be made.  Avoid borrowing money to pay any day-to-day bills as any loans will just eat into your budget. Contact the billers and make payment  arrangements that you can meet and that fit within your budget. These are known as “hardship” arrangements. Things like a Centrelink advance or selling an unwanted asset can also help out. But if you’re unable to access loan finance from a mainstream financial institution or bank, Foresters may have the right loan product for you up.

Did you know that you can borrow up to $4,000 from Foresters? If your temporary situation starts to drag on and on then you are in the long-term category and a major change will be required to get back to a stable financial situation. Making a good budget is the key to working out the best options. Foresters loan application form includes their ‘Foresters Living Budget’. This is a great tool to help you understand your budget and if you are unsure of what’s involved call Foresters on 07 3851 8000. They can also connect you up to other assistance if you are eligible.

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Smart ethical loans from a not-for-profit lender. Foresters Community Finance, makes sense.