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Should you move or stay?

Move or stay

Move or stay. It is a tough question when you may need more space. Joy is a key thing in music, or any activity for that matter, and creating the right environment may require a little more space or move.

Clutter and space

The end of the year is rapidly approaching and is the thought, should I keep my child enrolled in music lessons, sports or another activity?

Juggling the family budget as kids get older is a constant challenge and there is no set age as the magic age to start or stop lessons.

If your child is constantly gravitating toward instruments at a friends house or at home and their interest level has not waned. You may need to assess their commitment level. One of the best ways to understand your child’s commitment level is to have an honest conversation with them. Explain that rehearsing something over and over can sometimes get tiresome, but that is how musicians learn their craft.

Is your child beginning to have friends over to practice with them?

Deciding on whether to move, stay or create more space can be resolved by looking at the clutter levels. We all have them!

De cluttering your spare room or lightly used garage can create a great music and activity room. Unwanted items should leave our homes in mindful and intentional ways. If they don’t you may miss valuable opportunities to teach your child about budgeting and selling.

When you are de-cluttering a great tip is to make sure you have bins for the things you want to give away, keep or sell. Moving can be expensive especially raising funds for a rental bond which may be more than your current bond.

Repainting and re-organising an existing room or garage not only keeps the joy in use of the room, it may be cheaper than moving.

Foresters Community Loans provide a great way to spread the costs of renovating, moving or buying the next level of products to continue creating joy in your home.